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What are the benefits of having a membership area?
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Your 6 most important advantages of using Mentortools

See what makes Mentortools special and most useful to you.


#1 Great design without a designer

Create amazing designs with your own colors, fonts and images without having to hire an expensive designers. Use our templates for your membership area, for landing pages and communities.

You can use one of our templates or create your own design in your Corporate Identity. Mentortools is 100% white label. Your users only see your design.

Create your membership area in less than 60 seconds and see the design templates in action.

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Everything unlimited Plan

#2 Grow your business without limits

With Mentortools you a get everything unlimited for a low fixed price of only 49€ net / month. Unlimited courses, video storage, members, landing pages and more. Never worry about having to upgrade your account anymore.

We believe in fairness and partnership. Everything unlimited for our fair fixed price per month.

Artificial Intelligence

#3 Save time with the AI Co-Pilot

Our Artificial Intelligence Co-Pilot is like having an extremely fast and smart assistant working for you 24/7 to create your high-quality courses.

Start by generating a course structure. Never again will you worry about how you should turn your knowledge into modules and lessons.

We believe that AI is a tool that helps you get your content out faster, better and MORE individual. AI does not replace your knowledge, it enhances it.


#4 Turn users into your engaged fans

With Mentortools you can create your own online communities. These are internal groups in which your participants can exchange ideas, work together, give each other feedback and

Using online communities built with Mentortools saves you a lot of time in support, it makes you independent of social media platforms and offers your users even more interaction with you and like-minded people.


#5 Automate your sales process

We use a technology to create high-converting sales pages for your online courses and coachings with a few clicks. We recommend the ideal sales process for your target group and digital products and solve all your technological hassles in minutes.

User our 100% ready-made landing page templates or create your own video or text sales pages.

Connect Mentortools with a large choice of fully integrated payment providers and email service providers to further automate your business.

Data & Analytics

#6 Measure success effectively

Mentortools enables you to know exactly where your customers stand, how they progress and how you can help them learn better.

You can measure success with quizzes, see the course progress at every step and and individually unlock more content for each of the members in your online academy.

Train employees effectively or help coachees achieve success.

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Who uses a membership area?

Professional coaches

Digital coachings

Coaches create their own online academy with Mentortools. As a coach, this will help you to automate your business while delivering a unique and excellent user experience. You will be instantly recognized as a professional coach and you will have more time to focus on your core business.
Content Creators

Online course platform

Embark on the journey of a content creator, market your online courses with Mentortools and build a truly location independent business. Mentortools saves you hundreds of hours when creating your course structure and your content. Our marketing support also helps you sell more courses.
Online Entrepreneurs

E-learning solutions

Leverage our e-learning platform to either skill up your workforce effectively, or to educate your customer base and extend your reach by becoming a thought-leader in your industry. Focusing on knowledge management enables you to stay ahead of your competition.

Mentortools is your one stop shop solution to build fast growing online communities with premium digital content.

Based on 367 reviews
Mentortools is your one stop shop solution to build fast growing online communities with premium digital content.
Based on 278 reviews

What makes Mentortools so special?

Mobile-friendly design & app

With Mentortools responsive design, the layout and content of the website automatically adjust to fit the screen size and resolution of the device being used. This means that users can access Mentortools features and functionality easily from any device.
You can use use your membership area like an app. You and your members can put a shortcode on your phone’s start screen.

design & app

With Mentortools responsive design, the layout and content of the website automatically adjust to fit the screen size and resolution of the device being used. This means that users can access Mentortools features and functionality easily from any device.
You can use use your membership area like an app. You and your members can put a shortcode on your phone’s start screen.

See What Our Happy Users Have to Say

Easy to understand, very helpful even for newcomers to the online business. I now have more clarity, a common thread and a lot of motivation to get started with mentor tools. Very competent and friendly. A big thank you to Jakob, the support staff and the whole team.
Heidrun Kuhn
Small Business Owner
As a coaching community, we are very happy to have found a provider for online courses in mentortools, which fully meets our requirements. Mega customer service, flexibility in realizing our wishes and the fairest pricing on the market.
Tobias Starke
Head Coach and Founder traudich-jetzt UG
We've known Jakob Hager for a long time. What he built there with the mentor tools is really cool. But the most important thing for us is the fact that you are not a customer number, but a partner who can be helped quickly if there is a problem. That's professional. Thanks to your team.
Florian Schoel
Marketing Mentor
Professionell bei der Entwicklung und trotzdem offen für neue Ideen von außen, ist Mentortools eine Plattform, die Menschen zu einem Erfolg verschaffen kann, von dem sie heute vielleicht noch gar nicht wissen, was alles möglich ist!
Sybille Engbers
Inhaberin von KreativDsein
Ich nutze Mentortools für mich selbst und auch für meine Kunden, die ich als Agentur betreue. Mentortools ist absolut der beste Mitgliederbereich, den ich gefunden habe.
René Fasching
Inhaber von
Der Wechsel zu Mentortools hat mir viele Stunden Aufwand gespart, da das Tool wirklich sehr einfach ist und man damit schnell Kurse updaten und neue Lektionen erstellen kann. 100% Empfehlung, ich bin sehr zufrieden damit!
Anastasia Romanova
Inhaberin von
Die innovative Software von Jakob Hager ist echt cool und ich habe sie getestet und gekauft. Absolute Weiterempfehlung.
Jutta Martin
Expertin für Lohnsteuererklärungen
Sehr kompetentes Team; tolles Tool! netter Support!
Katharina Hymer
Coach für Fasten, Ernährung und Wyda
Mentortools ist unglaublich einfach zu bedienen, der Fixpreis pro Monat ist natürlich unschlagbar gut und unser VIP Design schaut super aus!
David Wehnert
Wehnert & Plaikner Consulting
Wir sparen mit Mentortools unfassbar viel Zeit, weil wir unsere Online Kurse in 10-facher Geschwindigkeit im Vergleich zu vorher erstellen können. Der Support verdient 7 Sterne.
Ralf Schmitz
Online Unternehmer Urgestein
Mentortools ist nicht nur auf Deutsch verfügbar. Das ist ein wesentlicher Vorteil. Meine Kunden lieben die Software und ich spare mir viele Stunden Arbeit damit.
Zuzana Pilcikova
Ich empfehle jedem Mentortools, der schnell und einfach automatisiert verkaufen möchte. Das Support Team von Mentortools ist sehr hilsbereit und kompetent
Patrik Schmidlin
Affiliate Marketer & Vertrieb
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Frequently Asked Questions

Mentortools offers our special Everything Unlimited Plan. This means, that we only have one very attractive price of only 49€ net per month. You can create unlimited courses, upload as many videos as you want, create unlimited landing pages, and have unlimited members and leads in your membership area. You can also ask us as many questions as you like in the process of setting up your membership area and growing your online business. Our fair and transparent pricing means that you never have to worry about having to upgrade your plan.
The investment for Mentortools is only 49€ net per month. You have no minimum contract duration and you can cancel any time in our monthly plan. If you like, you can also upgrade to 499€ / year and get an 18% discount. In both cases you get all features of Mentortools as well as courses, members, storage space and landing pages unlimited. This is a fair and transparent price.
Yes, if you are currently using a membership area and want to switch to Mentortools, we offer our free “moving service”. Our team will transfer your courses, your members and also connected services & automations to Mentortools without any extra cost and with almost no time needed from your side. We have a specialized team, which has moved hundreds of courses to Mentortools and knows exactly how to do that, so that you have almost no effort and your members are happy. Watch this video from our CEO to learn how moving works and to discuss it personally with one of our teammates.
Yes, we are happy to help. We have excellent and fast German speaking support. Mentortools is very intuitive and you will get along very fast. If you still have questions, you can use our tutorials, write to our live chat or use our technical setup call, in which one of our colleagues sets up your membership area in a personal 1:1 zoom call.
Yes, of course. We also offer support in how to turn your knowledge into high-value online courses. You can use our AI feature created specifically for this purpose. You can use our course structure templates, which we are giving away for free to Mentortools users. And of course, you can also ask our support directly. We are happy to give you feedback on how to structure your course, based on more than 20.000 active courses on Mentortools.
Yes, one of advantages of Mentortools is that we actively support our customers in selling their courses. We regularly develop and test social media marketing strategies. We also provide templates for marketing copy and strategies on how to get customers. Just ask our team and we are happy to provide you with an individual marketing strategy suitable for your industry and expertise.
Definitely, this is even recommended. Most of our new users, who start with Mentortools, do not have a finished course when they start. They create their first course with our support. We have AI features that generate a course structure for you and we also have ready-made templates for courses. We also provide instructions on how to record videos.
Creating a course is not difficult, but it requires many different tasks in new areas. Starting with a partner like Mentortools will solve technical questions for you and also support you in course generation and marketing. You do not need to do all that alone.
Yes, please select an appointment for a personal 1:1 phone call or zoom call. In this call you can ask us about the Mentortools software, about content creation, finding the right target group, marketing strategies and any other questions related to starting an online business.