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Learn how to better engage customers digitally for your local business or services and further increase customer satisfaction.


Difficulties without Mentortools…

A lot of manual effort: Many entrepreneurs, self-employed, and experts are unfortunately losing revenue and clients right now because they are not establishing a long-term connection with customers online. They put a lot of time and effort into manual support but still lose market share.

​Tons of technical skills required: When entrepreneurs finally decide to automate their business and develop digital content, they quickly run into technical problems. They believe hiring agencies to program complex websites or sales funnels is the solution - they are mistaken.

​High creation costs: Without Mentortools, you will have to hire expensive web designers and programmers to create your membership area, or pay for multiple plugins and tools to make it all work.


Mentortools is the solution…

The simplest automation: Mentortools lets you create digital video courses, tutorials, and coaching sessions for your clients. These are available 24/7 and increase customer loyalty. This lets your business run even when you are not working.

Ready in 30 minutes without technical skills: You do not need any technical skills whatsoever. Mentortools is easy to use and designed to help companies save a lot of time when creating content.

An affordable fixed price: We offer you our "All Unlimited Rate", with which you have unlimited access to all features and do not need an expensive agency, web designer, and many tools.

With Mentortools our clients create

2x Faster work
57% Increased customer satisfaction
34% More revenue

Uses of


Custom design

Create your custom design for an amazing user experience.

Ready-made course templates

Use our 100% ready-made courses to get started quickly.

Landing pages

Land emails and new members with our landing pages.

Sales-ready landing page templates

You can also use our marketing-optimized ready-made landing pages.

Time-controlled activation

Unlock content for your users on a scheduled basis.

Free video hosting

Upload unlimited videos at no extra cost.

Subscription products

Generate recurring, predictable revenue.

Affiliate support pages

Build active affiliate partners who sell your products.

GDPR compliant entries

Collect GDPR (data protection) compliant email addresses.

Employee training

Train your employees online to become experts.

See all the UNLIMITED features you get:

See all the features. Then try Mentortools for 0€.

What our clients think

David Wehnert

Wehnert & Plaikner Consulting

Mentortools is incredibly easy to use, the fixed monthly price is of course amazing and our VIP design looks great.

Zuzana Pilcikova


Mentortools is not only available in German. This is a huge advantage. My clients love the software and it saves me many hours of work.

Patrik Schmidlin

Sales Manager at & Affiliate Marketer

I recommend Mentortools to anyone who wants to quickly and easily automate sales. Mentortools\’ support team is very helpful and highly competent

Marcel Seidenberger

I use Mentortools to generate leads as an affiliate and then provide them with quality information in my membership area. This new, modern kind of affiliate marketing is very easy to implement with Mentortools.

Sybille Engbers

Professional in its development, yet open to new ideas from outside, Mentortools is a platform that will help people achieve success they may not even know is possible.

René Fasching

I use Mentortools for myself and my agency clients. Mentortools is absolutely the best membership area I have seen.

Anastasia Romanova

Switching to Mentortools has saved me many stressful hours because the tool is really simple and allows you to quickly update courses and create new lessons. I 100% recommend it, it is amazing.

Heidrun Kuhn

Easy to understand, very helpful even for online business newbies. I now have more clarity, a major theme and a lot of motivation to get started with Mentortools. Very competent and user-friendly interface. A big thank you to Jakob, the support staff, and the whole team.

Jutta Martin

Jakob Hager's innovative software is insanely cool. I bought it as soon as I tested it. Highly recommend.

Achim von Brauchitsch

I just recently used Mentortools for the first time and I am thrilled. The platform is clearly structured and largely intuitive. It provides ingenious possibilities to deliver content to your customers and generate income. But the best thing is simply the professional support.

Katharina Hymer

Very competent team; great tool. Awesome support.

Tobias Starke

Head Coach and Founder traudich-jetzt UG

We as a coaching community are very happy to have found Mentortools as provider for our online courses. Mentortools fully meets our requirements. Mega customer service, flexibility in realizing our wishes and the fairest pricing on the market. Thank you!

Florian Schoel

Wir kennen ja den Jakob Hager schon länger. Was er da aufbaute mit dem Mentortools ist schon richtig cool. Aber das Wichtigste für uns ist die Tatsache , dass man keine Kundennummer ist, sondern ein Partner, dem rasch bei einem Problem geholfen wird. Das ist professionell. Danke an euer Team.

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Do you already have online content?

If you currently have courses hosted by another provider, we offer to move all your content to Mentortools for free. This includes your online course structure with all videos and attachments. All you need to do next is send out membership access to your members by sending us your e-mail list. If your course is on your website, we can also help you transfer it to Mentortools.

With our unlimited fixed price plan, we have both a cheaper and better feature set than other providers. Join us for free as long as you still have an annual contract with another provider.

Mentortools has been proven to increase customer loyalty. You can also use it to easily offer upsells (additional online offers). Our customers notice a 34% increase in revenue when signing up with Mentortools.

Start using Mentortools now

See all the features. Then try Mentortools for 0€.